Unwind and relax at Pilates Fit Perth with some of the best yoga classes Perth has available. Our Perth yoga classes are the perfect way to stretch out your body, engage in energising breathing techniques and learn how to relax your mind. Led by our fully qualified and passionate yoga teacher, our classes offer everyone the chance to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit in a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
And, whether you’re a total yoga novice, you’ve practiced a little yoga or you’re a fully committed yogi, you’ll love the yoga classes at Pilates Fit Perth.

While Pilates Fit Perth is known for the quality of our Pilates classes, we also offer high quality yoga classes too. Our classes are taught by an amazing yoga instructor who’s committed to ensuring that all students get the most from their yoga practice, and that you learn how to practice yoga safely.

They’ll not only demonstrate the yoga asanas, but they’ll assist you with your positioning and alignment so that you learn to feel the positions, rather than just copying the teacher.
We’ll also teach you how to synchronise your breath with each position to make the most of your yoga experience. Plus, we’ll help you to develop the spiritual elements of yoga, so that you experience the full mind, body and spirit connection at each yoga session.

As soon as you set foot into our studio you’ll start to feel the stress just slip away, and we guarantee that by the time you’ve roused yourself from Savasana you’ll be ready to face the rest of the day with a serene smile on your face.

Our Promise To New Pilates Fit Perth Members

To show you how passionate we are about helping you get the best from Pilates – we’re proud to promise you this.

If, after your week of introductory classes, you become a Pilates Fit Perth member, you’ll have a full 30 days to test our studio and instructors.

If, after that first month, your strength and flexibility results don’t show an improvement, we’ll refund every cent of your membership fee.

Don’t forget to ask us about our guarantee at the studio.

New To Pilates? Ready To Take Your Pilates To The Next Level?

If you’d like to try Pilates for the first time, or if you’ve tried Pilates before and – for whatever reason – you’re seeking a new studio to practice and learn in- we’d like to offer you a 2 weeks of Pilates classes for just $59.

Whether you;’re old or young, man or woman, fit or overweight-

Pilates offers a path for everyone to build a fitter, more flexible, more stronger body AND a clearer, more positive frame of mind.

Pilates carries a huge number of benefits. These are physical, like strength and stability. They;re psychological, like enhanced calmness and focus. And with us, they;re social, too.

Because we offer a studio environment that’s positive, accepting and open – perfect for your specific Pilates journey.

Sign Up To Your 2 Week Trial Today And You’ll Get:

  • Full tour of our Pilates studio
  • Beginners Classes that goes over the Pilates basics
  • 1 Class Per Day for 14 days
  • 30 day improved body guarantee

Don’t wait one more day, Pilates Fit Perth is your key to a new, healthier body.

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