Why can I not do the things I used to? My tips to starting again in crisis! - Pilates Fit Perth

Lacking energy, feeling lethargic, depressed, anxiety, worried, stressed, unmotivated, drinking and eating more then normal, not coping?

These are just a few of the statements I have heard in the last couple of weeks from many friends and clients.

A little about me

Hi There I’m Cameron, A little about me – I’m the founder of Pilates Fit Perth Studios of WA, I own 2 Pilates studios here in WA and have been at professional athlete level in motocross and I am a Clinical Pilates Practitioner, I’m a Dad of 2 young boys and married to my beautiful wife, and partner in life! I personally have been affected by COVID-19 with my business in forced closure, and I have my kids at home being home schooled. This has placed an immense amount of stress, pressure on me and my family like many other families in the world.

I’m currently seeing a consistent message that is being driven heavily at the moment by the fitness industry and the world “Learn a new skill, Get up and Move, Exercise and Challenge yourself, Get educated, Grow vegetables and more”

There is a massive amount of pressure being placed on the world to perform! I have a problem with this, and here is why! I have been working with individuals in a Clinical movement capacity for a few years now, and the single most important message when I’m encouraging people who are in pain physically, mentally and emotionally is to start small and build on it!

What is a Crisis?

But before I let you know what I would recommend let’s talk about what a crisis actually is: ‘A Crisis is a situation that can not be resolved by usual methods of coping mechanism; as a result a person becomes unable to function normally and requires intervention to regain equilibrium. A Crisis occurs when coping and defence mechanisms that has been used to solve problems and adapt to change is no longer effective”? PHD Ram Sharan Mehta

So what happens when we push people that are in this state? They simply don’t cope, they give up, or they don’t even get started to begin with.

The individuals coping mechanisms fail and have failed before.

6 Tips to ease back into moving again.

So what are 6 tips that I would say helps people to get movement again or exercise again or do Pilates again?

  1. Start Small by 10 minutes of movement daily.
  2. The types of exercises I encourage vastly depends on the persons pain and reason for seeking assistance however walking and Pilates restorative stretches, Pilates strengthening exercises are my go to forms of movement.
  3. I also encourage outdoor time in the sun for 5 – 10 minutes (this can be done with a coffee, or maybe its pulling weeds in your back yard.
  4. I have always encouraged relaxation but this is difficult for some people to master – so you could start out just by laying down in a dark room with no noise and just breathe for 5 minutes
  5. How many hours sleep when you are in crisis really varies from individual to individual and I could write a whole post on the benefits of sleep however going to bed at a similar time, reducing alcohol and getting up at the same time each day helps form good sleep habits.
  6. Eat healthy and switch off the treats. I know at the moment this is a tough ask.? A lot of people are home more, and again this could be one of your coping mechanisms to cope in a crisis eg not eat or eat more. However it has to be written, eating healthier than what you currently are will help you sleep better at night. Which in turn will make you more energised. And have the ability to perform at a higher level then the latter. This doesn’t mean you need to go on a restrictive calorie diet as right now if people are in crisis mode this could lead to failure. So love what you eat and make sure your body loves it too.

Our Free gift to you

Here is a 10 minute Free “unwind”? movement video that one of our amazing Pilates instructors and friends Penny has put together for people like you!

So start small click on the link and do your 10 minutes today! Enjoyed this session? We would love to see you again Check out our live-stream timetable HERE:

If you need help or feel like you are in crisis: Call Lifeline 131411

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