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We asked LizBeth about skin health – getting the glow and how she has done it! (Rodan and Fields)

Stanford-trained Dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have touched the lives of millions with their targeted skincare solutions.

Introduced to Rodan and Fields, through my Canadian friend a few months prior to moving back to Australia. Yearning for a new direction after being away for 3 years living in Kazakhstan, I was excited about a new journey and also the opportunity to return to my old roots of teaching Pilates and providing Reiki.

I saw a golden business opportunity in network marketing as R+F launched their 3rd country, Australia! I understood the advantages aligned with partnering with two female Dermatologist Doctors whose products have disrupted the skincare market in Canada and America.

As one of Australia?s first Independent Consultants, I realized from a business perspective; that I could simply borrow the credibility of an already hugely successful Company. I loved that, I discovered during my research; that R+F products have helped millions of Americans and Canadians with their common skin concerns and saw that it would only be a matter of time before Australians tried, tested and fell in-love with R+F products too. With this knowledge, I was able to project my vision and realise the success R+F would imprint on Australia following the footsteps of North America and saw that these products would make a big impact on many Australians? lives for the better.

What I loved most though, was that this business in premium skincare; aligned well with my values of helping others in the professions; I had already trained in. Pilates and Reiki. Together these 3 styles of professions complemented each other beautifully. I could help people find their Inner glow with Pilates and Reiki AND their Outer glow with Premium Skincare products that actually work.

So what are the benefits of the these Products Americans and Canadians rave about?

1. Premium Skincare products help people solve the most common skin concerns without a visit to the Dermatologist; because they are formulated by Dermatologist Doctors and distributed to everyday people like me, (as a Consultant), to offer everyday people like you, skincare that works!

2. Rodan and Fields have witnessed firsthand the emotional empowerment that comes from gaining control over everyday skincare issues such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, sun damage, and skin sensitivity. Our goal is to give everyone access to dermatology-based skincare so they can experience the personal confidence that comes with a healthy, clear, even-toned complexion.

3. Our Dermatologist Doctors, Katie and Kathy, believe in combining tried and true ingredients with proven technologies and tools. Our Product lines are formulated by the Doctors? Multi-Med Therapy.

The right ingredients + The right formulations + The right order = R+F Multi-Med Therapy

YOU control 80% of your skin?s destiny Benefits of each Regimen

? REDEFINE – For the appearance of Lines, Pores, and loss of Firmness

? REVERSE – For the appearance of Brown Spots, Dullness and Discoloration.

? SOOTHE – For Sensitive skins, and lessening the appearance of facial Redness, Peeling and Dryness.

4. Benefits of our SHIELD TECHNOLOGY – Our exclusive complex of stabilised avobenzone (a key absorber of aging UVA rays); provides effective protection to visibly reduce the signs of photoaging, that appear over time. FRACTIONATED EXFOLIATION with our AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller helps to improve the tone and texture of the complexion as skin responds to the contact of the microexfoliation technology.

5. RF COLD FISSION A patent pending technology; that eliminates the need for traditional emulsifying ingredients and is used to create elegant, creamy moisturisers. Ideal for skin that may be sensitive to traditional emulsifiers. RFp3 Peptide Technology helps shield against the biological and environmental aggressors associated with dry, irritated, sensitive skin.

To find out more or start your R+F Skincare journey today, visit my website https://lizlinton.myrandf.com/au Or come and get to try it for yourself join us for our Glow inside and Out wellness event being held Wednesday 11th October 7.30pm at Pilates Fit Perth Coogee studio – book NOW pilatesfit.com.au or call 0894374772

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