The Top 6 Reasons to Do Pilates - Pilates Fit Perth

Community Vibe
Being a part of community of like minded people! Wanting to be healthy and happy. Pilates and Lattes is an actual thing! We do it regularly. Find a Studio that has the vibe and get in on it!
Strong Abdominals
No its not a myth! Pilates done regularly will give you strong abdominals! We work upper, lower and obliques. Plus we do exercises where you dont even realise that your abdominals are all activated working hard for you all by themselves.


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5 Simple Pilates Movements That Will Burn Calories And Tone Your Body

5 Simple Pilates Movements That Will Burn Calories And Tone Your Body
In this e-book you will find 5 simple pilates movements that will help to burn calories and tone your body – achieving the body of your dreams with 5 simple movements! With so many gimmicks and diet plans out there, it can be hard to know what will work for your body.

That’s why we have created this guide – to help you get back to basics with 5 little known, yet simple Pilates movements to help you on your dream body journey. No matter what that is! Simply fill in the form below to download you copy. xxxx

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