Terms / Conditions - Pilates Fit Perth

Can you cancel a class?

Yes of course you can via our online Mindbody booking system or phone app.

  • All cancellations of bookings must be made 5 hours before the time of your session to avoid forfeiting your class and being charged a late cancellation fee $10. If something comes up last minute and you are unable to attend (after the 5 hours) please late cancel from your account to let the next client that may be on the waiting list attend the class.
  • No- shows will not be accepted. If you reserve a space and not show up without contacting us or cancelling online, a $10 fee will be debited from your account. This includes back to back double class bookings and you decide you don?t want to do the next class.
  • For all private, duo or trio sessions, we ask for 24 hours notice so the instructor can arrange another client to attend in that timeslot. If cancelled within 24 hours the full credit will be automatically deducted.


You can create your online account with us, purchase credits, purchase a membership plan, make bookings, reschedules and update your contact and payment information online. We have many types of packages to suit everyone’s appetite for exercise!

We have made bookings easy so there is no waiting on phones or in cues at the studio to make your experience with us seamless.


You can join a waitlist for our class and if a position becomes available we send you an automatic text message to advise you of your free place available. You can opt to respond with a Y or N to secure your place.

  • If you are on the waitlist please be aware that you are requesting to be added into the class. If a space comes available you will be added to the class up to 60 min before class time. To confirm you will be sent a email or text message. If you are unable to attend after you have been added to the class please cancel online.
  • If you are on the waitlist and get added into the class inside our 5 hour cancellation period and decide you will not be attending and decline the confirmation email or text you will still be charged the session as it?s inside the 5 hour cancellation period. To avoid the losing your session please cancel off the wait list before the 5 hour mark.
  • Pilates fit Perth is a busy studio. If you do not use our wait list system you will have a hard time getting into the classes you want. If you use the wait list system 9 times out of 10 you will get into your requested class. You will receive a text and email when you have been added in from a wait list. We are not responsible if you miss your notifications. You can always log into your account via the app or the website to double check your bookings.

What to wear

Loose or stretchy clothes that are comfortable, cool and allow you to move freely are best.

We have a socks-on policy for hygiene and safety. We have socks for purchase at $15 at our reception desks which are pilates grip non-slip socks.

You will be asked to leave your bulky items in our booths upon arrival including shoes, valuables can be taken in the room with you however please make sure your phone is not buzzing.

What to bring

Socks on Policy – grip Pilates socks – to prevent slipping and maintain hygiene.

Pilates/Yoga Mat – we recommend you bring your own mat for hygiene although we do have mats at our studio

Boxilates – hygiene glove inners for hygiene ($5 available at the studios) and wrist wraps are compulsory to protect your wrists ($15 available at the studios)

Water bottle and/or small towel are highly recommended. (please do not bring glass bottles to the studio)

We have all of the above items available at our studio for purchase.

Arrive early

Please arrive 10 minutes early we want you to enjoy the whole experience of sitting and chilling out, chatting and listening to our groovy music while waiting for your class to start. We always start on time. Please turn off your mobile phone

Express sign in

When you arrive for your first class, you will be greeted by our receptionist and will need to be signed in to our system. There will be an IPAD on our reception desk where you will find your name – all you need to do is click on the iPad tick box to say your here. (We can help you with this part if you’re not sure).