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Self Recognition

Goal Setting

I have been setting goals my entire life. Planning and working towards goals that I wanted to hit or achieve, getting to the next stage in my career or personal life. Each New Year saying to myself this is what I wanted to do; whether it be going on a holiday somewhere new, becoming fitter, starting a new style of fitness class, to even less specific or important such as getting my hair done more regularly at the hairdresser to spending more time with my friends and or family. I have set business or financial goals with life succession planning with what I wanted to achieve that year with the help of Self Recognition.

The setting; I guess new personal targets of wanting to achieve. With these goals; took my time and effort in planning. learning new things, getting more education putting in more planning and late night achieving all the things I wanted to in my career or business.

Focus on goal

The Goals in life soon become your path and also can become overwhelming and create this business in your life. All of a sudden your life is no longer the working to live mentality its the opposite way around. Your way of life is now just flat out overwhelming busy.

With these moments or goals; that I hit and no didn’t hit all of them, I have never truly celebrated or just said I hit it! Or Yes I now get my hair done more regularly well done to me! The moments that have created a busy cycle of life just come and go and some stay around for longer than others but we don’t really Self recognise that we GOT IT!


So if we were to celebrate all the moments that we set out to achieve that we did, in fact, achieve would we set so many goals and things on our bucket list to achieve to start with?

Would our bucket appear to be a little fuller and not have the intense feeling of needing to accomplish all the time?

Maybe this post doesn’t resonate with you personally, as you are the person I envy. someone in life that doesn’t have to have the need to constantly DO. Someone who floats and bumps along in life without Self Recognition and without the excessive goal setting the excessive doing all the time.

So how now do you add another goal of celebrating moments; without it becoming another thing on the list of lists of things that you want to achieve?

Here is what I’m going to trial for the next 2 months. I’m going to cut my list in half; That is right all the items on it are going to disappear. place them on hold so to speak. I’m then going to each time I set out to do something; celebrate that moment and have some self recognition of any of the small things in life that I have achieved (hopefully I can get my boy in the right uniform on the right days this week!) little but important to me.

I’ll come back to you and let you know how full my bucket feels at the end.

My first celebration

My first celebration is here, and now this week a Pilates studio that started in my garage from home has built into the PFP Community. Now 2 Pilates studios 4 years on.

I wanted to create a space that was inviting real people doing Pilates and health and wellness. A community that offers friendship and a place to hang out. A studio that offered affordable pricing to make it available to everyone.

I’m celebrating in so many ways, but mostly just self recognition we have hit it!. I have got to where I wanted to be!. Congratulations to ME! Congratulations to Cam! (Business owners and Directors).

I shake My Hand and Cam’s we GOT IT! Happy 4th Business Anniversary to the US.

As part of my celebration, I’m offering Introductory Packages of 6 $79


This Thursday 16th and Friday 17th we have a 25% off sitewide sale PROMO CODE: DEALPFP

Self Recognition

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