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Pilates Reformer is an intellegent form of exercise that uses the benefits of a reformer machine. These machines are designed with pulleys and spings that act as resistance, and you can expect to become stronger, more mobile and more flexible in these sessions. Giving you a full body workout and creating a more balanced, healthier and fitter you. This class brings a fun dynamic, and dont worry if you are new! We will start you off with our Introductory Workshop, and our series of Beginners Reformer classes so you can learn with other beginners. Read more?

Intrigued by the prospect of practising Reformer Pilates? Well, your local Pilates Fit pilates studio Melville offers a range of different reformer pilates classes to meet beginner and advanced capabilities. Reformer Pilates is the great way to push the boundaries of Pilates movements, adding extra resistance to help truly increase strength, flexibility and mobility.

Here at Pilates Fit, we offer both traditional Pilates Reformer classes and some extra fun Reformer classes with an added twist ? trampolines! Our Trampoline Reformer Pilates classes see a trampoline attached to the machine with participants practising Pilates through a combination of jumping on the trampoline and lying on the Reformer machine, adding increased intensity and creating a high impact workout.

The Reformer Machine

Don?t be afraid of the reformer machine. It?s undoubtedly one of the most innovative and powerful additions to the Pilates movement. It has a distinctive bed-like frame with a platform called a ?carriage? that rolls back and forth on wheels.

The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs which provide different levels of resistance as the carriage is moved. It can be pulled using the legs and arms as well as using the long straps with handles that are attached to the frame.

It?s an incredibly versatile machine which can be adjusted to meet varying levels of ability and train several different parts of the body ? a key reason why Reformer Pilates is so popular. Exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing up, pulling the straps and/or pushing the footbar.

You can also bring additional equipment into the mix such as hand weights. There are just so many possibilities that the Reformer machine brings to the table, so no two Reformer Pilates classes tend to ever be the same.

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates

There are many great reasons to embrace the Reformer machine and practice Reformer Pilates:

  1. A Complete Body Workout

Reformer Pilates involves a range of different movements including squatting, lunging, rotation and extension, targeting and training even the weakest and less frequently used muscles to ensure a complete body workout. Getting the whole bodying flowing and in motion leaves you feeling great afterwards too. Not to mention, you could burn anywhere between 250 and 500 calories per class.

  1. Accelerating Strength

Reformer Pilates is an excellent form of strength training which helps to build both body and mind. The added resistance provided by the springs delivers similar resistance to weight training. Working on building muscle strength doesn?t just help with appearing toned – it has health benefits too! The exercises and movements can help to delay reduction of muscle mass as we age.

Many athletes use Reformer Pilates to build overall body strength as well as mobility and flexibility and power greater sporting performance.

  1. Stretching Us to Our Limits

At the root cause of many pain conditions and injuries are tight muscles, which have pulled on our joints and restricted our movement. Counteracting this tightness is crucial, especially for those sitting for long periods every day (such as office workers) or those who frequently work out or play sports.

Reformer Pilates twists and stretches your body in every way possible, working to effectively loosen each key muscle group and increase your flexibility and range of motion significantly.

It?s time to give Reformer Pilates a try. Why not avail of our special introductory offer? For just $29, you can get a one-week unlimited pass where you can try as many of the best Pilates classes Melville WA has to offer as you like. Experience the benefits of Reformer Pilates for yourself at Pilates Fit

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Our Promise To New Pilates Fit Perth Members

To show you how passionate we are about helping you get the best from Pilates?we?re proud to promise you this.

If, after your week of introductory classes, you become a Pilates Fit Perth member, you?ll have a full 30 days to test our studio and instructors.

If, after that first month, your strength and flexibility results don?t show an improvement, we?ll refund every cent of your membership fee.

New To Pilates? Ready To Take Your Pilates To The Next Level?

If you?d like to try Pilates for the first time, or if you?ve tried Pilates before and ? for whatever reason ? you?re seeking a new studio to practice and learn in? we?d like to offer you a full week of beginners classes for just $29.

Whether you?re old or young, man or woman, fit or overweight?

Pilates offers a path for everyone to build a fitter, more flexible, more stronger body AND a clearer, more positive frame of mind.

Pilates carries a huge number of benefits. These are physical, like strength and stability. They?re psychological, like enhanced calmness and focus. And with us, they?re social, too.

Because we offer a studio environment that?s positive, accepting and open ? perfect for your specific Pilates journey.

Sign Up To Your 1 Week Trial Today And You’ll Get:

  • Full tour of our Pilates studio
  • Introductory session that goes over the Pilates basics
  • Unlimited classes for one week
  • 30 day improved body guarantee

Don’t wait one more day, Pilates Fit Perth is your key to a new, healthier body.