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Are you excited to see the little one? Can’t wait to hold that little angel in your arms and play with those tiny little feet? Hold your breath mummies… although it’s all very exciting, your body will go through a lot of changes and that lovely little one will need every room available to grow.

Whether you are a first time mum or a veteran in that thing called pregnancy, we all know the other side of the story as well and if not… well flash news: beware of hormonal activity of enormous proportions, loo trips in unimaginable frequencies, and all the words possible you can suffix with ache and of course that’s just amongst many others.

Pregnancy Pilates This is not to scare you, Mummy. The whole experience is going to be amazing, life-changing and we just want to help you prepare yourselves and your bodies so you and the little one are ensured of healthy pregnancy and delivery through Pilates and of course supported by healthy diet and nutrition as well as plenty of rest.

Here are the reasons why Pilates is the best exercise for you during and post pregnancy.

1. Pilates strengthens your tummy, pelvic floor.

The main benefit of the practice of Pilates during pregnancy and even post pregnancy is it targets the exact muscles and functions that can develop a problem. It strengthens the main section as well as the surrounding areas of your body where the baby is growing. Pilates exercises will help reduce the pressure around the pelvis and easing up your movements including getting in and out of bed. That one’s precious!

2. Pilates reduces back pain.

Pilates help improves your posture which most likely will change during pregnancy. It also strengthens your abdominal muscles which will help prevent backaches. Pilates helps the mobility of your spine.

3. Pilates controls your breathing.

Proper breathing technique is fundamental in Pilates and is highly beneficial during labor. Pilates eases your way through all the changes you go through. Breathing Technique will help you manage stress as well as ensure you have the right amount of air when you need it. You will also find that it’s useful on nights when you are unable to get sleep.

4. Pilates improves balance and flexibility.

Due to all the changes your body will go through, you will find that you will become less flexible and a bit clumsy in your movements. If not careful, this can lead to minor aches and uneasiness. Practicing Pilates during pregnancy helps you maintain and even improve and regulate your posture.

5. Pilates helps maintain a healthy weight during and after pregnancy.

Gaining weight is almost synonymous to pregnancy, exercising and increasing movements will help manage the weight gain. You will find as you practice Pilates during this time is most beneficial in controlling your form and weight. More so, if maintained, even after delivery; recovery will be much easier and quicker.

Good news! We do Pilates for our Pregnancy.

Pregnancy/ Mums and Kids Classes

Block of Pregnancy 10 Pass $180 – BUY and BOOK

Pregnancy Membership $120 Per month – cancel anytime no charge – Join and Book

Coogee Studio

Pregnancy Pilates | Saturday | 10:00am

Mums and Kids Class | Thursday | 10.30am

Cockburn Central Studio

Pregnancy Pilates | Thursday | 6:30 pm

Mums and Kids Class | Monday | 10.30 am

BarreFit and Pilates Stick Barre Fit – we have many times available – you can also attend these classes

To know the full schedule of these classes, check out our Timetable.

Pregnancy Pilates

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