Post Natal Pilates Perth

Pilates Fit Perth now offers Baby Pilates classes in our comfortable Pilates studio. Designed to encourage and enhance interaction and communication between you and your baby, our baby Pilates training will help to promote the healthy bond between you and your baby, while regaining lower abdominal strength, mobility and flexibility with your new addition. Baby Pilates is an excellent way to bond and interact with your baby. During the baby Pilates sessions, you?ll be doing a number of activities, with you gently stretching and building your own abdominal strength, and mobility, all while bub is close to you or being held by you. Baby massage and relaxation and breathing techniques that will assist in relieving stress. Plus, they offer a great opportunity for you to meet other mums-to-be in the area, and to create long lasting friendships that will continue. These sessions are covered under Private Health Cover – if you have a wellness package as part of your insurance.

Our Promise To New Pilates Fit Perth Members

To show you how passionate we are about helping you get the best from Pilates – we’re proud to promise you this.

If, after your introductory class, you become a Pilates Fit Perth member, you’ll have a full 30 days to test our studio and instructors.

If, after that first month, your strength and flexibility results don’t show an improvement, we’ll refund every cent of your membership fee.

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Post Natal Pilates – The Fun Class For Baby and You

Post pregnancy, new mums are often seeking to take up gentle yet effective exercise to help target and strengthen post-partum areas like the pelvic floor and the abdomen. Post natal Pilates classes are the perfect solution here, working on a low impact level to slowly regain strength in key post partum areas and ensure greater mobility and flexibility which is ever so important for busy new mums.

In realising how much new mums want to get back to gentle exercise, we also appreciate that they have a new little one to care for – that’s why we incorporate baby into our classes. At Pilates Fit, we offer one of the most unique approaches to post natal Pilates Perth wide.

While some classes may have a professional looking after baby while you work out, we do things a little differently – we incorporate baby into your movements and exercises, creating a beneficial workout for you and a great bonding session with baby. You will be holding your little one as you perform some movements or keeping them close to you.

The Benefits of Post Natal Pilates

We cannot stress the benefits of participating in Pilates post natal enough for new mums. There are so many benefits for both your mental health and physical well-being:

  1. Restoring the pelvic floor

You may be doing your pelvic floor exercises at home. However, many new mums find they need to do some extra work to restore their pelvic floor enough that they can laugh without worrying about having to immediately dash to the bathroom!

Our post natal Pilates classes incorporate targeted pelvic floor exercises and teach you different ways of incorporating them into your day to day routine.

  1. A gentle tummy workout

Abdominal muscle separation is a frequent occurrence after pregnancy and childbirth. Working to bring these muscles back together without causing further damaged requires careful exercise. During our post natal Pilates will teach you gentle ways to strengthen and bring the abdominal muscles back together and most importantly, how to avoid overexerting these areas.

  1. Stretch out any stiffness

Carrying and nursing baby and navigating the challenges of new motherhood can leave our muscles feeling tense, stressed and stiff. The result is a reduced range of motion, lack of energy and poor flexibility.

Postnatal Pilates help you to stretch out all that stiffness and tension so that you can feel looser and less stressed and improve your posture.

Explore The Powerful Benefits of Post Natal Pilates For Yourself

We recommend that all new mums give postnatal pilates at least once. During what can sometimes be a stressful, challenging and even lonely time, postnatal Pilates classes over an opportunity to boost your mental and physical health, strengthen and tone your body, spend quality time with your baby while socialising and meeting other new mothers.

If you are interested in joining our Perth post natal classes, we offer an introductory price of $$17.50 (30% off) for your first class. Come see the studio, take part in a class and see for yourself how beneficial the classes are for you. If you have any questions or need specific guidance, our expert team of post natal Pilates instructors are on hand to help.

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New To Pilates? Ready To Take Your Pilates To The Next Level?

If you’d like to try Pilates for the first time, or if you’ve tried Pilates before and – for whatever reason – you’re seeking a new studio to practice and learn in: we’d like to offer you an introductory post-natal Pilates class for just $17.50 (30% off).

Whether you’re old or young, man or woman, fit or overweight-

Pilates offers a path for everyone to build a fitter, more flexible, more stronger body AND a clearer, more positive frame of mind.

Pilates carries a huge number of benefits. These are physical, like strength and stability. They’re psychological, like enhanced calmness and focus. And with us, they’re social, too.

Because we offer a studio environment that’s positive, accepting and open – perfect for your specific Pilates journey.

Sign Up To Your Introductory Post-Natal Trial Today And You’ll Get:

  • Full tour of our Pilates studio
  • Introductory session that goes over the Pilates basics
  • Introductory pricing
  • 30 day improved body guarantee

Don’t wait one more day, Pilates Fit Perth is your key to a new, healthier body.