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I have seen this #pilateslife on many a social pages and I’ve thought what is the Pilates life exactly. Here are my thoughts

When I first started the practice of Pilates I instantly fell in love. Why? It is just another form of exercise right? Well wrong.

And you if you are not a Pilates Lover or have not tried this thing called Pilates yet, you would be amazed when I use the phrase of  “delicious beautiful movement”. She has absolutely lost it.

It makes you want more of the same thing over and over again – sounds boring? But yet its not.

It is about meticulously improving little by little – so yes it takes consistency and repetition. It is an artform in itself – does that mean you need to be alternative to go participate – Nope!

You would be surprised Mr and Mrs Non – Pilates Lover at the variety of people that do Pilates – the ages vary so widely and the types of people. And yep there are Men that attend to.

So what is the Pilates Life! It is waking up and wanting to get your fix of not Coffee – you guessed it Pilates. When you are asked what you are doing on the weekend and you say Pilates then brunch with your Pilates buddies you mean that is exactly what you fill your weekends with.

Pilates life because it is a massive part of your daily and weekly being. Pilates Life as Pilates is first and then you arrange all your other social events around it. I truly mean we actually say “sorry can’t make that as I have Pilates.”

Did you also know someone that has a Pilates Life – tends to also even on holidays find a Pilates studio so they can continue there journey on holidays – in fact most of us probably do more Pilates on holidays then we do at home.

We also tend to look a certain way and wear similar clothing these people that claim they are in this state of #pilateslife as well. Hair tied up in a messy bun on top of our heads is not a fashion statement it is more for comfort as a lot of Pilates is laying on your back. The attire well we simply love active wear but we have mastered the type that is the most comfortable and of course it looks pretty darn cute too.

The Pilates Studio offers you a smile at the end of each hectic day, or a boost to get your going in the morning. Pilates Life is one to try for yourself – but remember it takes consistency, and regular routines that give us that addiction. The craving for more and more.

So its time to try it – don’t just attend one class every now and then. Commit and seek that feeling of strength, wellbeing inside and out that us Pilates life people rave about.

Check out this awesome studios vibe on their insta account and make sure like our page and connect regularly https://www.instagram.com/pilatesfit_perth/?hl=en

For more information on how to get involved with a Pilates studio and get started on your #Pilateslife check out the gang at www.pilatesfit.com.au

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