Pilates Mat

Mat Pilates is a way to stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders. The mat Pilates series of exercise is performed equipment-free, with the moves adapted to work with just your body and a floor mat for cushioning and support. We include your own body weight as resistance and add in an extra specialised apparatus to spice your class up so you never get bored of the same program. You would expect to feel lengthened, strengthened and with regular practice will expect to see results of muscle tone, strength, more mobility and increased flexibility. Some people have also lost inches around their wastes, thighs and arms.

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New To Pilates? Ready To Take Your Pilates To The Next Level?

If you?d like to try Pilates for the first time, or if you?ve tried Pilates before and ? for whatever reason ? you?re seeking a new studio to practice and learn in? we?d like to offer you a 2 weeks of beginners classes for just $59.

Whether you?re old or young, man or woman, fit or overweight?

Pilates offers a path for everyone to build a fitter, more flexible, more stronger body AND a clearer, more positive frame of mind.

Pilates carries a huge number of benefits. These are physical, like strength and stability. They?re psychological, like enhanced calmness and focus. And with us, they?re social, too.

Because we offer a studio environment that?s positive, accepting and open ? perfect for your specific Pilates journey.

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