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Pilates is an art and a science. Above all, it’s a positive, mindful approach to caring for your body and mind.

Founder, Joseph Pilates, says…

‘The mind, when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.’

Here at Pilates Fit Perth, we work with you to realise your own version of the Pilates vision. We do that through our extensive experience and passion for Pilates and our expertise in helping people of all ages and fitness levels learn the art like we have. Read more…

Pilates Classes Hamilton Hill

We’re here to bring the benefits of Pilates to Hamilton Hill. With Pilates Fit, you have access to a dedicated Pilates studio with an extensive selection of different classes. We cater to all levels of abilities, with classes designed specifically for beginners too and both private one-to-one and group sessions available.

Pilates Fit Pilates Studio Hamilton hill

Our goal is to ensure everyone can explore and find a Pilates class that they enjoy and that meet their abilities, goals and needs. Whether you need help with a pain condition, recovery from injury, want to tone up, increase mobility and flexibility, build strength or use Pilates to enhance sporting performance, we have a class option for you.

Explore Our Classes

We’ve got the most extensive range of Pilates classes Hamilton Hill has to offer, each delivered by a member of our expert team of experienced, qualified Pilates instructors. These include:

Pilates Mat

Using your body weight as resistance, you explore and learn various Pilates movements to increase your strength, flexibility and mobility without the use of any equipment.

Clinical Pilates

The Pilates classes for those with injuries or pain conditions. Particularly beneficial for anyone with chronic lower back pain, shoulder pain, knee alignment and pain, postural conditions such as Scoliosis and Kyphosis, Hyper-mobility as well as post-operation recovery.

Reformer Pilates

Challenge yourself, build your fitness and stamina by practising Pilates movements on one of our Reformer machines, which offer additional resistance through various pulleys and strings.

If you really want to try something different, we also offer Trampoline Reformer Pilates classes which are a whole host of fun. You will be exploring Pilates movements jumping on a trampoline and also lying down on the Reformer machine all within one class.

Pregnancy Classes

Low impact Pilates classes which teach breathing and movement exercises for pregnancy and help you to both maintain correct pelvic alignment and keep your spine mobile during pregnancy.

Post Natal Classes

Our post-natal Pilates classes are for both baby and you, helping you to rebuild lower abdominal strength, mobility and flexibility while holding baby close and building a beautiful bond.


A high impact class for those who want to tone up, lose weight or build strength. Blending the cardio and discipline of boxing with the focused movements of Pilates to ensure a complete, total body workout.

And there’s more!.

If you fancy something different outside of Pilates, we also offer TRX and Barre classes which are strong all over body conditioning classes as well as relaxing Yoga classes for all abilities. There?s truly a class for everyone at Pilates Fit.

To solidify our offering as the leading studio in Pilates Hamilton Hill wide, we even offer an amazing introductory offer. For just $29, you can get a one-week unlimited pass to enable you to try and explore as many of our classes as you want.

Come and give it a try. Our expert team of instructors are on hand to listen to your needs and goals and guide you to the best classes to explore.

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The Benefits: A More Agile, Flexible, Stronger You

Whether you?re old or young, man or woman, fit or overweight?

Pilates offers a path for everyone to build a fitter, more flexible, more stronger body AND a clearer, more positive frame of mind.

Pilates carries a huge number of benefits. These are physical, like strength and stability. They?re psychological, like enhanced calmness and focus.

And with us, they?re social, too. Because we offer a studio environment that?s positive, accepting and open ? perfect for your specific Pilates journey.

New To Pilates? This Is The Beginning Of A Great Adventure

New To Pilates? This Is The Beginning Of A Great Adventure.

If you?d like to try Pilates for the first time, we?d like to offer you a full week of beginners classes.

You?ll join a small class of fellow beginners and learn a range of easy?to?master techniques.

Even the basic principles you?ll learn will help you improve mobility, co?ordination and strength. You could also lose weight and relieve stress.

Want To Take Your Pilates To The Next Level? We?re Right There With You

Want To Take Your Pilates To The Next Level? We?re Right There With You.

Maybe this isn?t your first time.

If you?ve tried Pilates before and ? for whatever reason ? you?re seeking a new studio to practice and learn in?

Try our group classes (for a week when you book via this page).

These classes are perfect for those who are serious about improving not only their fitness and strength ? but your self-esteem and confidence, too.

Our Promise To New Pilates Fit Perth Members

To show you how passionate we are about helping you get the best from Pilates?we?re proud to promise you this.

If, after your week of introductory classes (see below), you become a Pilates Fit Perth member, you?ll have a full 30 days to test our studio and instructors.

If, after that first month, your strength and flexibility results don?t show an improvement, we?ll refund every cent of your membership fee.

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