PFP Coogee Opening was a Blast! - Pilates Fit Perth

What a turnout!

Finally, our Coogee studio is officially open! We are over the moon until now and we wish to thank everyone who showed up and supported us last 03 Dec 2016.

Clients who dropped by and registered! Welcome on board to all of you, old and new!.

Brand and industry partners who not only showed up but also gave us a hand to make the full day as fun and exciting as it was last Saturday!.

To Rhythm Fix Drummers for helping open our amazing wellness event not just with a bang but with lots of booms and vibrant background music!.

Rhythm Fix Drummers

No other than Jenna herself of Boxilates and Paper Tiger Wellness, thank you for leading the Boxilates Demo. It was so much fun, our instructors should be feeling a tad sore until now!.

PFP CoogeeTo Grant of Massage Club, thank you for the competition, free mini massages and the heart-warming support you’ve extended.

PFP Coogee Massage ClubAubin Grove Wellness for awakening our senses with essential oils demonstration.

essential oilsPure Glow for our yummy juices. Their cleansing programs are a great accompaniment to your Pilates practice to achieve better results.

PFP Coogee OpeningAppreciate all the local businesses around the Coogee community for sending us welcomes gifts! Shout out to Coogee Continental Deli for the basket full of deliciousness!.
The warmth of your welcome makes us all very excited about the coming new year!.

Cheers for more collaborations!

PFP Coogee Opening

our PFP Instructors, your passion and dedication to the practice; make the very goals and ideals of Pilates Fit Perth achievable. Thank you all!.

PFP Coogee OpeningFriends and existing clients particularly those that supported us on the day and gave gifts as well – Faye Whitfield, Lisa Fabio, Tundi Beattie, Alisha Wilkes, Sheryl Bateman, Kate Trevenen and Kerry Blaize. Your full support warmed our hearts!.

PFP Coogee OpeningLastly, to Honest Photo for capturing and making sure that we have amazing photos to remember this milestone by.

Coogee OpeningWe wish you all the very best this holidays and can’t wait to achieve more goals with you in 2017!.

PFP CoogeeCam & Chan

Pilates Fit Perth Owners & Directors

As part of our Thank You…

We have reduced all gift cards by $10 from the value of $100 and up – so if you’re still looking for gifts for your families and friends… Give the gift of well being!.

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