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When we start something new including activities such as Pilates and Yoga, we tend to question our ability on how well we are going to go rather than enjoy the journey, Accept that you won’t know everything or anything about the new activity and that we need to learn what to do and that is essentially why we start.

We play this tossing up a game of what you need to do to fit something into your life or talk yourself out of being able to do it as you are too unfit, not flexible enough, too overweight to start, not quite ready mentally or don’t have the stamina for it.

So this month at Pilates Fit Perth I bring you the Myth Busting May we are going to talk about the Myths that people create one by one and also talk about the reasoning and evidence that busts those myths out of the excuse basket before you start.

The Beginning

So let’s start with my absolute favorite: I’m not flexible enough to do Yoga or Pilates.

I think the below statement sums it up, the idea is that you start inflexible and become flexible in Yoga or Pilates. Majority of Pilates and Yoga instructors practice regularly to be flexible. Me for example been practising Pilates and Yoga for about 20 years – doesn’t mean that I was able to touch my toes when I started, I need to regularly stretch my hamstrings, and lumbar spine so I can.

Let’s talk about this Myth some more – Let’s say that you had to be flexible to start. What is flexible? Is that you have to touch your toes when rolling down from standing? Or is it that you can touch your knee to your nose when laying on your back? Or maybe it’s being able to look like this below?

That’s right. No of course not, 99% of my clients would not be able to do this move above. Images on social media portray a different spin to what people really look like in social media at Pilates and Yoga studios. Let’s think about it even deeper. I would literally have to ask possibly half my clients to leave the studio; as they are not flexible enough to be there; That is not going to happen.

In fact, most Pilates and Yoga studios attract people who don’t like the gym; have tried other forms of exercise before and not stuck with it but tend to love Pilates and Yoga; have done nothing but walk before or maybe not exercised in a very long time. They are unfit, inflexible and can’t touch their toes before they start or overweight.

Within 10 sessions if you practice 3 times a week you will become more body aware, familiar with some positions and movements we do in the studios and familiar with our instructors. So why not go with the best of the best and try it and stick with it for at least 10 sessions!

Not flexible enough? MYTH BUSTED!

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