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REAL Man does Pilates

So this Myth is so often used as a reason for Men to believe that no REAL Man does Pilates! Well, I’m here to Myth bust this myth. Not only does Pilates help create a functional movement to enhance the other sports or lifting weights; that men may do as their sport but it helps specifically in the following ways.:

1. Develop often neglected muscle groups.

Some of your muscles, like those that dominate your daily movements, are stronger than others, and a big part of Pilates is focusing on those muscles that don’t typically get a lot of attention. Pilates is similar to MAT training in that you consciously move in certain ways to build muscles that you don’t hit while lifting.

2. Improve flexibility.

In general, the more muscle mass you have, the less flexible you are. But Pilates focus on stretching helps prevent injuries and muscle strains and increases range of motion.

3. Build core strength.

Every Pilates exercise focuses on using your core to power movement in your limbs. Pilates also hits your transverse abdominals, the base ab muscle under your six-pack.

4. Live more consciously.

Pilates forces you to pay attention?you’ve got to focus on your breath while working through each movement and concentrating on proper form. After a Pilates session, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed, which can even carry over into the next day if you’re lucky.

5. Have better sex.

Pilates strengthens the core and the pelvic floor, and men who practice it have greater control of this region of the body–need we say more?

So listen to this AFL Player to get an understanding of how Pilates has benefited him.

Pilates is for men too – May Myth busted Men get into a class near you – Pilates Fit Perth run a men’s reformer Pilates session every Friday morning. Pilates Fit Perth also have a body clinic that provides clinical Personalised sessions that can improve your imbalances within your body and focus and target the groups of muscles that are not working properly within your body.

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