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Crazy, non comparable, whirlwind of ups and downs is the way I describe this year.

So many people have been affected by so much and I have spoken personally to many people that are struggling. Struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Struggling to get out of bed on some days. Having to move locations unexpectedly, not able to see loved ones who have passed or are terminally ill. Relationships breaking apart, Mums so busy keeping their heads just above water, Dad’s leaving homes to work in industries in FIFO or still trying to obtain employment, not to mention the unexpected loss of jobs, income and lifestyle.

The unexpected affect on children all around the world.

I know on the other hand there are people completely oblivious to these peoples heartache, trauma, depression who are wonderfully skipping their path in life! Living their best life, living a life they are deeming better then before, one that has come about through loss and they have adapted with the change, rolled with the punches, or bounced back even better then ever before.

This month we reached out to our community and created the opportunity for you to check in with yourself. Month of Me we called it. A month where you can just sit a little and self evaluate what is important to you right now. And so many have reached out and said they needed this time.

This month is the time to take time for you. Put the brakes on for your family and take that hike you have been promising your kids, take the Pilates class that you so desperately want to attend. It’s the month to organise that catch up with a friend, reach out to someone to chat to them or drink a cuppa in the garden. It’s the time to work on your mindset! It is the Month of Me!

Some may be asking how to overcome the feeling of hopelessly spiralling into the work, stressed out, keeping our heads just brimming above water?

Meree Bailey qualified Kinesiologist has shared some information about energy below. So grab a cuppa and enjoy the time just for you!

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.
This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

You may have heard about the idea of being ‘high vibe’ or ‘raising our vibration’ but what does that really
mean? Is it just woo‐woo, airy fairy nonsense, or is there something to it?
To understand this more we need to look at the concept that everything is energy, including all life, which
of course includes humans. All energy vibrates at different frequencies (hertz) and the different frequencies
or ‘vibes’ correspond to different feelings and emotions. Basically the higher the vibe, the better we feel.
Higher = more positive, lower usually = more negative.

So given we’re made up of vibrating energy/frequencies, and affected by different frequencies either
positively or negatively, it makes sense that we might want to choose tools and techniques to use in our life
to raise our vibration, and learn how to keep it as high as possible. And learn how to raise it again if we find
ourselves ‘stuck’ in a lower vibe.

Sound (frequency) has been scientifically proven to affect our vibration in demonstrable ways. On a simple
level, think about how different music affects you, either positively or negatively. Sound also affects water
(we are around 80% water) in profound ways – check out the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto if you’re
not familiar with him.

Essential Oils are the essence of many different types of plants. They have been used for centuries to
support emotional and physical wellness, and to enhance beauty routines. One of their many benefits is
from their powerful aromas that affect one of our most amazing senses – our sense of smell. This is the
sense that can evoke memories and emotions in a millisecond, transporting us to a beautiful feeling state
before we know what’s happened! Have you ever been able to feel negative while smelling a beautiful
rose, or sad around the invigorating smell of oranges or peppermint?

Crystals are another high frequency vibrational tool commonly used to help people increase their base
frequency and resolve lower vibrations which may be ‘stuck’. Without going into too much detail, crystals
are ideally suited to this work because they are very stable, with unfluctuating energy, opposed to us
humans who fluctuate our emotions and feelings constantly! The concept of entrainment applies here
which is all about stronger, more stable energies being able to positively influence weaker energies.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions around with the highest frequency. It is up there with
love and appreciation, and its ability to change your life should not be underestimated. True happiness
comes from being grateful for what we have right now, rather than focussing on what we might have in the
future, or what we’ve lost from the past. Adopting a practice of daily gratitude will attract a flow of
abundance that can profoundly revolutionise your life.

The really good news about all these vibration raising tools is they can be incorporated into your daily life
easily and simply. They offer the gift of increased joy, beauty and a new lightness of being, as well as a
multitude of other physical, mental and emotional benefits that arise from feeling positive and connected
to life.

Prepared by Meree Bailey for Life Reconnected Kinesiology
13 October 2020


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