Meet the Team - Pilates Fit Perth

Laura Wellington

Pilates Instructor

I moved from the UK to Australia in 2018 and have fallen in love with this country, especially the weather and beaches!

In 2015, I broke my back and pilates was introduced to me as a key element of my rehabilitation programme. I instantly fell in love with how it allowed me to build strength, mobility and flexibility. It also taught me a huge amount of body awareness which has been so valuable for all other activities and general life! I decided I wanted to be able to help others and share the pilates love, so I trained with STOTT in London (2017). I have since done further training with STOTT in Perth and I also teach barre.

I LOVE my job! I love being able to help clients reach their goals, help them to feel better and move better.

?Change happens through movement and movement heals.? Joseph Pilates

Penny Musgrove

 Pilates Instructor

I was a zoologist and a teacher before my love and devotion to Pilates developed.  I am a forever learner: obsessed with knowing all the Pilates things, and am currently studying my diploma in Pilates instruction, but have been teaching matwork and reformer for five years now.
My true Pilates love lies in the original method. When I’m not Pilate-ing, you can be guaranteed to find me hanging with the loves of my life – my dogs, or cooking, or trying to keep my plants alive!
Qualifications: Zoologist, Teacher and Cert 4 Pilates PFI
“Do not sacrifice knowledge for speed.”  Joseph Pilates

Antoinette Jackson

Clinical Pilates Practitioner

I have always enjoyed moving. I tried a lot of different forms of exercise and joined various gyms, but nothing really stayed with me. However, from the first class of Pilates I was hooked. It was the lengthening and toning aspect that drew me to try it in the first place. I had no idea that Pilates would re-educated my entire body, and that the benefits of a regular Pilates practice would be so far-reaching.

After completing my Breathe Education Pilates Cert IV, I am now lucky enough to share my passion with clients by creating fun, yet challenging classes. It?s so rewarding seeing progression. I love to use these Pilates principles whilst also teaching BarreFit, Boxilates and TRX. Can’t wait to see where my career takes me once I have completed my Breathe Education Diploma in Clinical Professional Pilates.

See you in class!

Change happens through movement and movement heals- Joseph Pilates

Ruby Binelli

Pilates Instructor

Helen Triscari

Pilates Instructor

Brittany Brown

Pilates Instructor

Carlie Jones

Pilates Instructor

Carlie started her Pilates journey many years ago and loved the benefits of Pilates without having to place unnecessary strain on her body. Carlie holds her Stott Pilates Qualification, Breathe Education Pilates Cert 1V and has completed her Degree in Sports Science and Occupational Health and Safety.

After becoming a mum herself, Carlie discovered the significant benefits that Pilates can offer new Mums and that Pilates can be modified for everyone. Carlie became an instructor to help share the magic that Pilates brings us all.

?Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it.?

Melisa Mills

Pilates Instructor

Melisa came to find Pilates a few years ago, and found it completely changed her and helped immensely with her mental health.
She loved how that doing Pilates is just for you, and makes you feel so good!
Outside Pilates, Melisa loves to design clothes, take photos, drink wine with friends, and go travelling (after borders reopen)
Asia is my favourite destination at the moment. I am half Thai so I love going back there, it’s my second home.
Qualifications: Cert 4 Pilates Breathe Education

Miranda Dos Santos

Pilates Instructor

I am a Sanitarian woman & mother of two incredibly delightful children. High on my to do list is LIVING  I crave adventure through travel, food, people & connections. My passions are outdoor adventure, photography, cooking, chasing sunsets and movement.
Pilates and moving my body is a non negotiable for me. The combination of mind-body and strength is addictive. After suffering scoliosis and a sunken rib cage as a child, Pilates has been the best addition to my life

Qualifications- Cert 4 Pilates Breathe Education

 “It’s a good day to have a good day”

Ashleigh Smith

Pilates Instructor

Started Pilates through clinical after suffering from constant injuries as an active adolescent as a result of severe hyper mobility syndrome.

Got hooked and decided to make it my job after 2 years of participating in group classes. Love the connection I have with our easy-going clients.

When I’m not teaching you’ll find me either in the back yard or at the beach with my border collie, soaking up the sun with a good book or down south/on the farm.


Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) Cert IV Pilates matwork & reformer – Breathe Education (Barre, TRX, preganancy – pilates fit training)

Currently studying a Diploma of Legal Services

 “Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”

April Grillo

Pilates Instructor

Lonneke Holleman

Pilates Instructor

Brianna McNeil

Clinical Pilates Practitioner

Veronika Hackle

Pilates Instructor

C J Yates

Pilates Instructor