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This Christmas we thought we?d do something different and take a closer look at our growing community and how we can look after each other. We have decided that this year, we will be supporting small businesses (Christmas Presents) and we encourage you to do the same.

Let the money reach ordinary people and more people will have a better Christmas. Let us support our community, give local these holidays! Here are some ideas:

Buy gifts from small businesses

Check out the local retailers and businesses around you, supporting them instead of buying (Christmas Presents) from giant retailers will help the growth of our community. Find a theme for your gifts this year ? healthy or funky or trendy? Check out listings from City of Perth and Perth ? Australia and we are sure you can find plenty!

Buy from the neighbour who sells from the catalog

Catalog Merchants have generally lower prices than other retailers. Aside from saving some money, supporting them means you also know them personally and you can enjoy the local products, services, and connection that you would not have otherwise.

Local Health and Spa Club

December is the month when you really want to be at your fittest and healthiest. It is the season of festivities with lots of shopping, travel, and parties. As the weather and the year changes, it is also a great opportunity to start a health and lifestyle transformation for the coming new year.

What better way to contribute to the community as well as ensure you and your loved ones are fit and healthy by supporting local gyms, fitness studios, and spas. Purchase a class or a program or a service as a gift this Christmas and New Year. Take advantage of Holiday Offers and check out Pilates Fit Perth Pilates and Yoga Deals and Gift Cards, or a service voucher from Massage Club, South Central Chiro and Aubin Grove Chiropractic.

Women and Mother entrepreneurs

Supporting mompreneurs and womenpreneurs may be the best thing you can do this season. Moms are naturally a carer, provider and great organizers. They put out the best effort always, just as what every mother would do. Supporting them leads to a very personal approach that often means any requirement or request you have is taken seriously and delivered with practical maternal instincts. Check out Pure Glow Cleanse and Mama Goodness.

Local Crafters and Artisans

Local creators, designers, and crafters give our community its unique flavor. Shopping your presents (Christmas Presents)? and giveaways from them preserves that one-of-a-kind local experience that you can never find from other places. Reach out to the baker who makes handmade sweets or the artisan who makes purses and pieces of jewelry by hand or that home-made dark chocolate.

Shops and Cafes in the neighborhood

Dining and buying local food also health benefits for you and your family. When you buy from local farmers, you have access to fruits and vegetables that you know are chemical free, as well as grass-fed meats, fresh eggs, and dairy from cows that feast on local green grass each day. Support local produce by buying from weekend markets compiled by Experience Perth.

Give an experience instead of material gifts.

Giving experiences instead of material gifts leaves the receiver happier and more amazed. This leads to a more meaningful occasion and gift-giving. This Christmas, one of the more valuable options to give kids is the experience of giving away old toys to charity for example. You can also do a holiday decluttering, give away old bags to Share Dignity. For your loved ones whose worked so hard this year, Paper Tiger Wellness has some amazing breaks you can check out.

We hope that with these ideas we all could have a more meaningful and merrier holiday celebration this year!

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