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Thoracic mobility – What is it and why is it good for you?

The thoracic spine has gotten a lot of attention lately! Whether you have heard about it in regards to posture, Pilates, or scrolling through social media. So what is the thoracic spine and why is thoracic mobility important? The thoracic spine is made up of 12 vertebrae in the middle of the spine and the vertebra attach to the ribs. The thoracic spine is an important component to keep healthy and moving (just like any part of your body). A lot of external factors can prevent people from going into…

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Working smarter not harder with abs

The topic of the week is ABS! Everyone wants a strong core, but these days we are all short on time! We have come up with 5 top tips to get the most of of your ab workout! Because you can’t have Pilates without abs. Increase the number of reps per set Increase the number of sets Reduce the amount of rest time between sets Increase the angle of your levers – legs or arms away from your midline Increase resistance – add a spring or hold a weight with…

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#Pilateslife what is it exactly?

I have seen this #pilateslife on many a social pages and I’ve thought what is the Pilates life exactly. Here are my thoughts When I first started the practice of Pilates I instantly fell in love. Why? It is just another form of exercise right? Well wrong. And you if you are not a Pilates Lover or have not tried this thing called Pilates yet, you would be amazed when I use the phrase of  “delicious beautiful movement”. She has absolutely lost it. It makes you want more of the…

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Instructors in front of the camera!

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We recently did a photoshoot of our Pilates Fit Perth team doing its thing! Moving, laughing and having fun basically! (Best life being a Pilates instructor! Don’t you think?) So we thought we give you a sneak peak of some of our supporting brands and of course our beautiful pics! With so many to select from it was pretty hard to choose any in particular as they are pretty much all my favourites in some way. Big thanks to our supporting local businesses to make this day happen Fit Squirrel…

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Mindset truly does matter

Crazy, non comparable, whirlwind of ups and downs is the way I describe this year. So many people have been affected by so much and I have spoken personally to many people that are struggling. Struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Struggling to get out of bed on some days. Having to move locations unexpectedly, not able to see loved ones who have passed or are terminally ill. Relationships breaking apart, Mums so busy keeping their heads just above water, Dad’s leaving homes to work in…

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Why can I not do the things I used to? My tips to starting again in crisis!

Lacking energy, feeling lethargic, depressed, anxiety, worried, stressed, unmotivated, drinking and eating more then normal, not coping? These are just a few of the statements I have heard in the last couple of weeks from many friends and clients. A little about me Hi There I’m Cameron, A little about me – I’m the founder of Pilates Fit Perth Studios of WA, I own 2 Pilates studios here in WA and have been at professional athlete level in motocross and I am a Clinical Pilates Practitioner, I’m a Dad of…

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1.?? IT IS CONVENIENT. Life as we know is changing every day, our normal lives and routine is coming to a strange halt. Having the platform to participate in Pilates being Live streamed to you at home makes it convenient and an easy way to fit exercise into your busy household. Why not continue some of the luxuries we have in our normal lives at home. All you need to do is roll out your mat, grab your equipment and device, get dressed honestly your pyjamas can double as workout…

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Reformer Pilates and their Speciality

We Brainstormed our Team When brainstormed amongst a group of people about what an idealistic form of exercise would be.? The most standard and typical elements that pop up include one which targets not just the body but also branches out to the relaxation of the mind.? A form of exercise that satisfies the desire to get exemplary results with least efforts. Ensures a possibility and scope to have maximum fun while achieving all of it. Fortunately, Reformer Pilates succeeds in checking off all of the listed with some perks….

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Who moved my chi? The present-day world has imbued within us a lot of disquiet and pressure. Stressful and chaotic are the adjectives of life today. In this scenario, peace of mind is all that one can ask for. But just sit back one second. Try to contemplate upon where you?re heading on with all the hard work you do. Is movement the key to your success such as Pilates, Yoga or Barre?   There is this rat race which everyone wants to win and no one wants to be…

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The Top 6 Reasons to Do Pilates

Community Vibe Being a part of community of like minded people! Wanting to be healthy and happy. Pilates and Lattes is an actual thing! We do it regularly. Find a...
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5 Top Tips to Reduce Lower Back Pain

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