Instructors in front of the camera! - Pilates Fit Perth

We recently did a photoshoot of our Pilates Fit Perth team doing its thing!

Moving, laughing and having fun basically! (Best life being a Pilates instructor! Don’t you think?)

So we thought we give you a sneak peak of some of our supporting brands and of course our beautiful pics! With so many to select from it was pretty hard to choose any in particular as they are pretty much all my favourites in some way.

Big thanks to our supporting local businesses to make this day happen

  • Fit Squirrel for the awesome activewear……
  • Move Active for the gorgeous Pilates Grip socks……
  • Melissa Perna Hormonal health for our beautiful samples of oils and gift packs …….
  • Samantha Nest lifestyle Photography……

Sharing this time with the PFP Fam was simply so much fun and I absolutely feel blessed to have such a beautiful group of humans to work with every single day!

Which image is your favourite?


See you soon

Chantele and the PFP FAM xxx

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