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Master Pilates With Us At Perth’s Health And Wellness Sanctuary

Pilates isn’t a fad. It’s a systematic approach to health and wellness PROVEN to make you stronger and more flexible.

Here at Pilates Fit Perth, we work with you to increase your fitness and help ease health conditions and injury symptoms.

We do that through our extensive experience and passion for Pilates and our expertise in helping people of all ages and fitness levels learn the art like we have.

If you’re looking for a Pilates studio that’s serious about improving not only your fitness and strength – but your self-esteem and confidence, too – then our group classes are perfect for you.

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Group Pilates Classes in Perth

Pilates is so much more than the most recent fitness fad: it’s a proven practice that can benefit not only a person’s strength, agility and mobility but also their confidence and peace of mind.

If you’re looking to take up a fitness class and you’ve asked yourself “are there group Pilates classes near me?” then we’re here for you! Our team are experts in delivering group classes which ensure that each and every client gets the maximum level of enjoyment from it.

If you’re looking for group Pilates classes Perth residents love, here’s a closer look at our offering and why you will adore our classes.

A 2-Week Trial

We want you to feel comfortable and at home in our studio, which is why we are proud to offer a 2-week trial that helps you to grow accustomed to our facilities, our team and our approach. This is 2 weeks, and even if you decide not to pursue classes with us, we hope that you will get something very important from it and help to improve your overall health!

These are no-obligation trials, and they offer you a complete introduction to everything that we offer. During this time, you are able to enjoy unlimited classes to get a full flavour of what you enjoy the most.

Practical Support and Encouragement

Our team has a great deal of experience offering amazing classes to our diverse range of clients. You can rest assured that in every class we work to ensure that each participant gets the most from their workout and learns both fundamental and advanced techniques that will help them to continue to live comfortably and freely in their own body.

Proven Results

We have worked with thousands of happy customers over the years, and each one has managed to improve their strength, flexibility and agility. Not only does this have an impact on the body of the person, but it also helps with mental well-being. Each person is able to live comfortably and confidently in their own body.

These results are not restricted to just one group of people: we work with a range of ages and injuries, so you can rest assured that you will get fantastic results that help you to live comfortably and happily for as long as possible.

30-Day Improve Body Guarantee

We are so confident in the results that we achieve that we can guarantee that every one of our clients will feel the benefits of their Pilates course within just 30 days. You will feel that your posture improves, as well as your overall core strength and flexibility.

Once you feel the benefits, you will also begin to understand the full potential of Pilates and what you will be able to achieve over the long-term!

Don’t forget to ask at the studio about this guarantee.

Get Started Today

If you are ready to get started, then you should be sure to visit our website and get all of the information that you need. Put an end to the days of Googling ‘Pilates Group Classes Near Me’ and take the plunge – you won’t regret it!

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A More Mobile, Agile, Stronger You In Just One Month

You?re on our page today because you want to master Pilates and harness its immense potential in a positive, open-minded space with likeminded students.

That’s why we’ve created our 2020 Perth Pilates Group Class Program.

We’re offering you a full month of group classes with a complete money-back guarantee.

You’ll join a small class of fellow students and learn a range of easy-to-master techniques. Even the basic principles you’ll learn will help you improve mobility, co-ordination and strength.

You could also lose weight and relieve stress.

Claim Your $59 - 2 Week Trial Pass
Book your Free 15 phone minute consult

Learn With Other Pilates Beginners From Teachers With 20 Years’ Experience.

Pilates Fit Perth is a community of Pilates professionals who specialise in evidence-based instruction for all skill levels.

When you learn with us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Learning from the first group of clinically-trained Pilates instructors in WA.
  • A huge variety of traditional and fusion training techniques like Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, TRX, Yoga, Barre, Boxilates, Pilates Stretch (we offer 130 classes across our two studios!).
  • The psychological benefits that come with focusing on your strength, agility and mobility – we help our clients feel more confident and calm in their body.
  • Not ready to jump into a class? We have you covered with our personalised one to one sessions – book a session with us to get you started. Click on the Introductory Private session Below.
Claim Your $59 - 2 Week Trial PassBook your Free 15 phone minute consultBook Your Introductory Private Session Here

5 Simple Pilates Movements That Will Burn Calories And Tone Your Body

5 Simple Pilates Movements That Will Burn Calories And Tone Your Body
In this e-book you will find 5 simple pilates movements that will help to burn calories and tone your body – achieving the body of your dreams with 5 simple movements! With so many gimmicks and diet plans out there, it can be hard to know what will work for your body.

That’s why we have created this guide – to help you get back to basics with 5 little known, yet simple Pilates movements to help you on your dream body journey. No matter what that is! Simply fill in the form below to download you copy.

    A Stronger, Toned and More Flexible You In One Month Or Your Money Back!

    OK, here?s the deal.

    We can TELL you how experienced and committed we are to helping you reach your goals with Pilates.

    But we’d rather do something to show you how passionate we are about our clients’ results.

    If, after your 2 weeks of introductory classes (see below), you become a Pilates Fit Perth member, you’ll have a full 30 days to test our studio and instructors.

    If, after that first month, your fitness and strength results don’t show an improvement, we’ll refund every cent of your membership fee

    Don’t forget to ask about our guarantee when your in our studio.

    Our Clients Love Pilates Fit

    “I have only been a few times and have loved every session. I feel the burn days after and my posture improves with each session. After class i leave feeling stronger, leaner and longer.I have only been a few times and have loved every session. I feel the burn days after and my posture improves with each session”

    Ella Ainsworth

    “Forget the run of the mill Gym this place is the absolute best!! whatever your age these lovely people will get you in the best shape mind and body with their expert knowledge and understanding - Just beware... it's totally addictive ”


    “I had never done Pilate's before, so I was a bit nervous going somewhere new on my own, I'm super uncoordinated and didn't know what to expect, but all the teachers are lovely and welcoming & also correct your positioning so your getting the most out of the class. I started for a Lil fitness through my pregnancy but I'll definitely continue after ๐Ÿ™‚ also the prices were the best that I could find which also helps when your on one income.”


    “Really enjoy going to Pilates Fit. They have a good variety of classes that suit everyone and their workout times work well for me particularly for the evening classes after work. The instructors are really good and I really like how they take the time with you to ensure you are doing the proper techniques. Lots of fun totally recommend it.”


    “I love this place! The instructors are world class as is the equipment. I love that you can book into classed online via your login (makes it so much easier getting to a class in between work and parenting).”


    We?re Offering You 2 Weeks Of Group Sessions ? For Just $13.86

    If you know you?re ready to try Pilates Fit Perth?great!

    Here?s what to do next.

    For a limited time (while our limited spots last), we?re offering you a 2 week?s worth of group sessions.

    Simply click on the Claim Now button, follow the easy prompts to complete your deails, book and pay for your pass and we?ll be in touch with details.

    You?ll be under no obligation to continue as a paying member.

    We can?t wait to meet you and show you the first steps to making Pilates part of your new, healthier life!