FAQ - Pilates Fit Perth

What class is suited to my fitness level? Im a Beginner and have never done Pilates before where do I start?

All Beginners start in the many scheduled  beginners Reformer, Pilates Mat, Pilates Stretch, Pilates Restore classes on our timetable. Don’t worry these classes suit the very basic beginner with no experience at all.

I have an injury, condition or Im recovering from an operation. Where do I start?

All Beginners with injury, conditions or recovery requirements start in the PFP Body Clinic – this is where we do our Clinical Based Pilates, with our Clinically qualified Pilates Practitioners. These sessions are 1:1 and will be personalised based on your goals or individual needs and conditions.

How do I make a booking for my Introductory workshop, Private Clinic appointment or purchase my Intro offer?

You can create your online account with us, purchase credits, purchase a membership plan, make bookings, reschedules and update your contact and payment information online. We have many types of packages to suit everyone’s appetite for exercise! Book NOW

We have made bookings easy so there is no waiting on phones or in cues at the studio to make your experience with us seamless, however if you need help or would rather just call us please call us on 08 9437 4772.

Do your classes book out and what is a waitlist?

We keep our classes small and we also offer an automated waitlist service for our classes and if a position becomes available we send you an automatic text message to advise you of your free place available. You can opt to respond with a Y or N to secure your place.

No Shows and Cancellations

All cancellations must be done 5 hours before class. Any late cancellation or no show may result in no show or late cancellation fees. The fee is $10 for Members and the full credit for the class type in attendance for a non-member.

For all personalised sessions, we ask for 24hours notice where possible this is to ensure that the instructor can arrange another client to attend in that timeslot.

What to bring and do on the day?

What to wear

Loose or stretchy clothes that are comfortable, cool and allow you to move freely are best.

We have a socks-on policy for hygiene and safety. We have socks for purchase at $17 at our reception desks which are pilates grip non-slip socks.

Please bring a towel to lay over our mats or equipment.

You will be asked to leave your bulky items in our booths upon arrival including shoes, valuables can be taken in the room with you however again make sure your phone is not buzzing.

What to bring

Socks on Policy – grip Pilates socks – to prevent slipping and maintain hygiene.

Pilates/Yoga Mat – please bring your own to lay over ours for hygiene alternatively you can bring a towel.

Boxilates – glove inners for hygiene and wrist wraps for protection

Water bottle and/or small towel are highly recommended. (please do not bring glass bottles to the studio)

We have all of the above items available at our studio for purchase.

Arrive early

Please arrive 10 minutes early on your first session to ensure you start with the class on time. We want you to enjoy the whole experience of sitting and chilling out, chatting and listening to our groovy music while waiting for your class to start. We always start on time. Please turn off your mobile phone

Express sign in

When you arrive for your first class, you will be greeted by our instructor and will need to be signed in to our system. They will greet you and check your attendance in. They are also there to assist with any questions.

How often should I attend?

How Often to Come

General Fitness, Tone, Strength, Flexibility.

We recommend you attend 3 classes a week, allow a day apart for recovery for best results.

To lose weight or improve fitness and strength. (We also encourage a healthy balanced diet for best results)

We recommend you attend 4 – 6 times a week, again allow at least one rest day. We recommend at least 2 – 3 of our cardio style classes, for strength gain try our TRX at least twice per week. If you want to lose weight please book in a personalised session to get you started we can provide you with some guidance on this.

To Improve Mental Wellbeing

We recommend daily participation in a mix of our classes. Having those exercise endorphins running around your body keeps your body and mind balanced. Try to mix up your workout so you do some of our gentler classes on the body and more intense sessions in between.

Parking and facilities at the studio

LOCATION: Cockburn Central

We have a bathroom and toilet in this studio that can be used for changing.

Parking we have approximately 10 – 15 bays that sit outside the studio you can park in any bays that do not have PLE written on them. There is additional street parking available. Do not park on the verges of neighbouring facilities.


We have a shared facility toilet and bathroom that can be used for changing. This is to the back of our studio inside the building.Parking we have approximately 10 – 15 bays for use. There are also bays directly to the front outside the studio on the street.

We look forward to being a part of your Pilates, Yoga, Barre journey.

If you have any questions please feel free to either email us on infopilatesfitperth@gmail.com or call us 0894374772 we would be happy to assist you.