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Corporate Pilates

Corporate Pilates is the latest trend that is zooming in on Perth WA. From small business to larger corporations; all wanting to retain their staff but also improve productivity, health and wellbeing in the workplace. Not to mention the billion of other benefits that the individual achieves from attending the sessions each week.

If you have a fast paced environment, busy or stressful, physically demanding or maybe very sedentary in chairs all day long. Corporate  Pilates is definitely worth a shot. Read on this could be the answer to improving your team dynamics today.

Why do Pilates for your team?

1. Promote life-work balance for employees.

2. Help improve stress management.

3. Create a healthy and productive mind ready to work.

3. Each class is designed to develop mind and body disposition; creating a focus on the body helps improve the mental clarity and focus.

4. General wellbeing and a healthy fit team may assist by reducing workplace injury.

5. By investing in your team you will find your team is more likely to invest with you.

6. Pilates encourages the functional movement of the body so it basically assists your IT team or admin team to undo all the sitting they do each and every single day.

What’s available?

So, there are many options that you can select from however, we have found that by leaving the workplace for a period of time is definitely best. So 30 – 55 minutes; you can organise a Corporate Pilates private session weekly at the studio or you can opt to do a discounted packages where your team can attend the regular classes; so they become part of the community of that facility.

Small businesses and Larger corporations are all rushing down to Pilates Fit Perth Cockburn Central and Coogee studios and grabbing their exclusive discounts on Corporate Pilates for their team.

Contact us:

Call: 0894374772 for a chat about your circumstances and we can chat on how our programs can assist your team and you as a business owner.

Everyone is rushing to organise a Corporate Pilates discount at Pilates Fit Perth studios.

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