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10 Tips to stay healthy this Festive Season - Pilates Fit Perth

10 Tips to stay healthy this Festive Season - Pilates Fit Perth

We are trying to encourage health and wellness this year; all throughout the year. If you are the type of person that puts on a few extra kilos over Christmas, or on any holiday for that matter. Keep reading to find out a few healthy tips on how to stay in shape and common things to avoid!

1. Eat Healthy light snack before you attend functions:

So attending festive parties is definitely the Aussie spirit of the holidays. However, having heavy foods and lots of alcohol can reap havoc on our waistlines. Before you go to any event that encourages the never-ending picking of food – have a light healthy snack before attending to help void the unhealthy picking. Ideas: Small salad, Raw vegetable plate, a Piece of fruit.

2. Keep moving:

Going on holidays or even being at home doesn’t mean that you cant keep exercising. If you are away the easiest form is running, walking, swimming or hire a bicycle to tour around. Or find a Yoga or Pilates studio local to where you are and pop in and do a class. If you’re in Cockburn for the silly season then check out our timetable of available times and days and book in.

3. Select lighter meals when eating out:

We tend to eat out at other peoples places or at restaurants more frequently in this season. We forget there are a salad menu and lighter meal options available on menus at the majority of restaurants (take that option your body will love you for it) If your going to a family or friends house why not bring a lighter salad option that you can enjoy and share.

4. Treat yourself wisely:

If you have been given an abundance of chocolates or treats this year at Christmas time. Why not share them next time your at work, or have guests over to offer a treat after a wine or meal. This way calories are shared rather then you sitting and eating the entire box to yourself. Sharing is calorie caring!

5. Bring the healthy dessert option:

It wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have a high calorie, high sugar, and high fat desert right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that indulgent – maybe select one day where you will treat yourself, not 5 days of continuous deserts. Or look up some great healthy options for deserts and bring a dessert along that your friends and family will love you for it.

6. Declare holidays are time to be healthy:

Every holiday I go on I declare I’m going to be healthy and active. Healthy includes resting and lazing by the pool or beach or on a couch too. But I always include some form of exercise every single day and plenty of healthy options to eat.

7. Drinking alcohol:

So in Australia, we have all been warned of the health hazards of drinking excessively or binge drinking and the effects this has on our bodies and organs. However, I know that quite a few people will still have one too many over this season. So tips: Try drinking low calorie or low carb drinks. Avoid high sugar drinks like Coke and Lemonade or pre-mixed cans of alcohol. These will pile on the weight very fast. Lower calorie options are mix soda water and lemon or mix with sparkling water and lime. Cool a bottle of red wine with some ice as a healthier option. And control the volume of drinks you have.

8. Portion control:

Keep your portion sizes under control – so enjoy your treats and be merry but use a smaller bowl, plate, glass or keep your sizes in check!

9. Laugh a lot:

Did you know that by laughing 10 – 15 minutes a day you can burn up to 40 calories. So get out your favorite jokes this festive season and laugh the days and nights away.

10. Rest:

Use this time to rest, sleep and enjoy relaxation while you share this time with your family and friends this festive season. Resting and relaxation help you refuel for the next day and will help you from over-eating to try and maintain energy levels.

If you would like to find out more about health and wellbeing. Check out this site: pilatesfit.com.au they know a fair bit about keeping it real over the silly season.

Above all, we wish you a Merry, Healthy and Safe Festive Season

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